Telegram will launch a Blockchain platform and a cryptocurrency

The popular encrypted messaging application Telegram will launch its own platform based on Blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency. The interface will double the Open Network of Telegram and is based on an improved version of the Blockchain technology.

Initial reports of the new platform arrived courtesy of Anton Rozenberg, an old employee of the CoinTelegraph publications division. Rozenberg published on Facebook a video that shows an advertising of the supposed platform.

The interface will have the name of Gram, and will be integrated with most of the most popular instant messaging applications, it is not yet clear who they are. The platform will also work with digital wallets. On the other hand, Telegram does not have to be a bootstrap for several years, as is the case with most of the new platforms, and this is because the telegram application already works with 180 million users.

Pavel Durov joined his brother to launch Telegram in 2013. The application promotes an encrypted messaging service which makes it extremely useful for dissidents and citizens living in countries under dictatorial regimes. In fact, a study indicated that Telegram is behind 40% of Internet traffic registered in Iran.

For this reason, it is no surprise that Telegram is a popular application for blockchain technology enthusiasts, even the creators of the application are aware of the popularity they have within the community. “Right now the whole Blockchain community moved and started using Telegram”