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I’ve had a crush on you for so long that I don’t think it’s a crush anymore.

I thought I didn’t have the courage but when I saw your sweet face, I knew I had to tell you I had a crush on you.


All I have is hope, and you are giving me so much to hope for.


It’s the funniest thing but when I woke up this morning I realized I had a crush on you.

Sometimes, I want to know what you’re thinking so that maybe when you see me, I would know if my crush for you is mutual.

If you take my hand, there would be nothing as perfect as this.


I don’t know how to look at you without revealing my heart.


Courage, said he. But I looked upon your face and it faltered because you smiled and I could not speak.


What I see in you in something so precious that when you pass by, my soul feels lifted.


I am a busy man but when I see you, time stops, and I get a crush on you every time.

I’m sure that if we were put in different circumstances and lived in a different time, I would still get a crush on you.


You’re the sweetest thing that has happened to my otherwise bitter and bland life.


I have had a crush on you forever but science says that it should only last four months. So I guess what I’m saying that I have something that’s more than a crush on you.



Even when I’m not looking, when you enter a room, I could feel your electric presence and I get goosebumps knowing that you’re near.


I never gave much thought to love songs until I met you and one day all of the singers knew exactly how I felt about you.


I want to write a song just for you but I couldn’t because you are already the music.


There is nowhere I would rather be than to be around you, even if you don’t know how I feel.



I want to be a thief. To steal glances when you are near, to take your words and keep them, to pocket a kiss, and to be the thief that ultimately whisks your heart away.


I had always thought of you as a friend but one day you smiled at me and suddenly I couldn’t breathe. It was as if the loss of breath made me realize that I had a crush on you.


I got a crush on you and I tried so many things to get rid of it, but it seems that I’m terminally attracted to you.


My dress is ready, my emotions feel heady. I’m going out on a date, and I hope he’s not late. Because he makes me blush, I hope he knows he is my crush!

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