I love you more today than i did the day past, but now not as lots as i’m able to do the following day…

Call me whilst u r sad, call me ven u need sum1 2listen & ven u cant find every person who will? i dont care i am ur ultimate choice, i simply dont want to cry on my own!

All me while u r sad, call me ven u want sum1 2listen & ven u cant find everybody who will? i dont care i am ur closing alternative, i just dont want to cry on my own!


Whilst the door of happiness closes, some other opens. however commonly we look goodbye at the closed door that we dont see the only which has been opened for us!

A saddest component in our life is when weMet some one, who mean a lot to you. however ultimately u discover that it become by no means mean to b & u just hav to allow him move!

If a raindrop wud mean i really like you, and you wud question me that how a great deal i love u? i guess u that it wud b rain all of the day! due to the fact i really love you!

I hav a bit angel flying around with a hammer, every body he hits gets a bit bit of my love & care. i desire he beats u like hell!

Wherein phrase fails motion talk. in which action fails eyes speak. wher eyes fails tears speak. andWhere everything fails, love speaks!


Whilst u contact some frame to feel its preference, when u contact and dont feel its lack of understanding, whilst u dont touci ane still sense for her…expensive it is love

Someday love met friendship and requested friendship that why r u there while i’m exist already. friendship answered, whilst u go away tears in a person’s eyes i wud carry smile on their faces!


Golden reality of life: whilst someone loves you, u dont understand it. when u recognise its too late. you usually love the one who leaves uAnd u depart the one who loves you!

By no means forget about any person who loves u b’cos at some point u will realize that u have lost a diamond due to the fact u have been busy amassing the stones!

Existence spent with someone, for an entire life can be meaningless! but some moment spent with a few one who certainly loves you method greater than a existence itself!

Love is like a piece of glass in case you preserve it too tightly, it will break it self. only few is aware of the way to maintain right manner and they’re person who succeeds!

By no means say your satisfied whileYour sad, never say your pleasant whilst your not. never say you feel accurate when you feel awful. in no way say your by myself while i am alive…bcoz love you…!

I have a heart and it is genuine however now its given from me to you, so case 4 it just like i do, bcoz i haven’t any heart and you have 2….

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