Bengali Sad love Sritir golpo, very sad story

Onek din hoye gelo tumake dekhina akhono. thik amon e akdin amar sajano akash kalo meger chaya porechilo.

sei chaya ajo kateni. ami har mante chaini.


chesta korechilam bohubar tumake firiye ante. cheye chilam abar hat dore hatbo dujon pasa pasi.


amar buk haha kar korche tumar moner anginaye. tobe parini tomake firiye ante, shese kelanto hoye dana japtaini ar kokhonoi.

akhon to tumi onno karo akashe bichar kortecho hoyeto amake ar mone nei tumar. na thaka e to savabik.


tobe, jodi paro amake khoma kore dio. ami tomar joggo manus hote parini.

bahire khub e bisty hocche, ami janalar pashe dariye achi. and meg chutche adike o dike, sathe monta o! tomake paoyar ische aj furiye geleo valobashar ische ajo furayeni.

tobe- aj kono Valobasha noye! Aj shudu e Tumr chriti soron..





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I would be crushed if I found out my crush didn’t have a crush on me.

When I see your face, my heart begins to dance in my chest and butterflies magically appear in my belly telling me that I like you very much.
I would be crushed if I found out my crush didn’t have a crush on me.

One day I woke up and saw that you were beautiful. When I looked closer, my heart skipped a beat because my heart felt a stirring, the first beats of a future love.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder and I would love nothing more than to watch you stay perfectly the way you are.

The way you can make me laugh even on the darkest days makes me feel lighter than a feather.

When I am with you, I feel as if I were in a dream garden walking with my fairy tale prince and my happily ever after coming true.


I often find that when my mind is idle, my thoughts keep drifting to your face.


You are the honey to my tea and the cream to my coffee. You add sweetness and light to my life.

I have a little secret tale, if I say it out I ‘m afraid to fail. But you look lovely and true, so I’m just saying I have a crush on you.

I can’t imagine my life before I saw your face.

When I heard you liked me I couldn’t believe it because it would be too perfect if you knew I liked you too.

I don’t want to miss this opportunity to tell you that the moment I saw you, I felt my heart create a new rhythm.

If I’m having a bad day, all I need to do is think of you and your smile and my day is instantly better.

Nervous attacks when you pass by essentially sums up how much I have feelings for you.

You come into my thoughts unbidden, and without knowing it, I am holding your hand in this strange daydream of perfection.

You are the cute cupcake that makes my vanilla life sweeter.

I’ve had a crush on you for so long that I don’t think it’s a crush anymore.

I thought I didn’t have the courage but when I saw your sweet face, I knew I had to tell you I had a crush on you.


All I have is hope, and you are giving me so much to hope for.


It’s the funniest thing but when I woke up this morning I realized I had a crush on you.

Sometimes, I want to know what you’re thinking so that maybe when you see me, I would know if my crush for you is mutual.

If you take my hand, there would be nothing as perfect as this.


I don’t know how to look at you without revealing my heart.


Courage, said he. But I looked upon your face and it faltered because you smiled and I could not speak.


What I see in you in something so precious that when you pass by, my soul feels lifted.


I am a busy man but when I see you, time stops, and I get a crush on you every time.

I’m sure that if we were put in different circumstances and lived in a different time, I would still get a crush on you.


You’re the sweetest thing that has happened to my otherwise bitter and bland life.


I have had a crush on you forever but science says that it should only last four months. So I guess what I’m saying that I have something that’s more than a crush on you.



Even when I’m not looking, when you enter a room, I could feel your electric presence and I get goosebumps knowing that you’re near.


I never gave much thought to love songs until I met you and one day all of the singers knew exactly how I felt about you.


I want to write a song just for you but I couldn’t because you are already the music.


There is nowhere I would rather be than to be around you, even if you don’t know how I feel.



I want to be a thief. To steal glances when you are near, to take your words and keep them, to pocket a kiss, and to be the thief that ultimately whisks your heart away.


I had always thought of you as a friend but one day you smiled at me and suddenly I couldn’t breathe. It was as if the loss of breath made me realize that I had a crush on you.


I got a crush on you and I tried so many things to get rid of it, but it seems that I’m terminally attracted to you.


My dress is ready, my emotions feel heady. I’m going out on a date, and I hope he’s not late. Because he makes me blush, I hope he knows he is my crush!